The Upper Room and Barn Raising

Harvest Farms is currently operating on what has been historically know as Albin Farm.  Built on a colonial sheep farm, Albin Farm has a rich history through some very turbulent times in history.  Today it is a peaceful oasis in the midst of the modern day developments of Albin Village and Albin Estates.  

Situated on the property is the old barn which itself has experienced upgrades over the years.  It spent quite a few years vacant and has experienced the natural process of weathering, as well as vandalism and general wear.  In years past, this barn held each annual harvest and is now being restored to help usher in a Heavenly Harvest! 

A unique feature of this barn is what we now call The Upper Room and has been fitted with a stage and assembly area.  On the opposite end is a counter with fittings for a sink and small refrigerator.  In addition to these is another area which can be made into sleeping quarters with an attached bathroom.  All areas are slated to be repaired and finished.  The ground floor of the barn is in need of extensive work to bring back to a functional state.

Our vision for this barn is multi-purpose.  The Upper Room will be used as an educational use room, worship center, a study center, and general meeting center.  The accommodations will help us with income to support the farm in addition to providing for people who want to engage in our retreat experiences.

Come experience a Presence like no other.


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