Encounter Areas

Encounter Areas are designed to offer an environment to refresh, restore, and encounter God.  

They may change with seasons, grow in some and be dormant in others.  Come engage with them, grow them, experience them.  Encounter Areas in process are The Secret Garden, Secret Garden Cove sitting area, Butterfly and Pollinator Garden, Cafe, Outdoor Cafe Swing Area, Horse Encounter sitting areas, Fireside and more.

If this idea moves you, consider volunteering to adopt an encounter area!  You will be encouraged by not only experiencing one, but having the satisfaction of accomplishment, connection and involvement.

Feeding time

Have a cup of tea and rest

Discover revelations of time

Hear the whisper

Spend a morning listening

What does she see?



Experience joy!

Tucked in


Discover beauty

New perspectives

Come experience a Presence like no other.


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