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Equine Science


Learn Horse Talk

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Varieties of Grain

Learn the science 

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Learn how an equine is made so you can keep them healthier.

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Learn common ailments and what to do.   And MUCH more!


Equine Science is a complete middle or high school  science course centered around equines.  The course covers many topics including:

  • anatomy and some physiology of the digestive, skeletal and basic circulatory systems

  • the complex digestion and nutrition of horses

  • vital signs and how to take them

  • mental, emotional and physical health and fitness for horse AND human

  • basic genetics

  • and more!

This is a very hands on experiential course so students may use a stethoscope to take a horse's heart rate, use weight tapes to calculate weight, figure out a feeding program, discover a horse's horse-onality and how to teach to it, meet and hear local horse professionals, visit therapeutic riding programs, and much more.  

Students will leave this experience with a very strong foundation in natural horsemanship and will develop mental and emotional fitness that will help them grow as leaders in their communities.

This class can be adjusted to age groups but will be formed with flexible but similar level abilities.

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