The Hero God Man and His Bride

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

As the man stepped forward from the dark battle into the growing new light he appeared as more than a man, a God. As he removed his helmet his long hair flashed white as it caught the spiritual wind. The sword in his right hand caught the light, no, it flashed light. Blue, red and gold. His shield was large and undented. Smoking arrowheads stuck from its face, the shafts burned off. His breast plate moved with him as one. The gaps between the side straps revealed a mortal scar but the man was full of life itself. His arms were powerful as he strode forward towards his prize.

Behind him and to each side others began to appear. Tall, strong, determined, victorious. Weapons held firmly. Light emanating from their beings. Enormous wings above their shoulders. Like a phalanx they moved forward, the God Man at the tip of the spear.

As fires from the battle burned behind him consuming his defeated foe the man’s eyes focused on one thing, His prize. His glorious Bride. Promised to Him from the beginning, now ready to be His. She was stunningly beautiful in form. Glorious in her own right. But beyond her magnificent outer form a light shone inside her. A light in her heart. Not the dazzling white light that now shone out of her God man. This was a warm light, an inviting light. The light from a hearth kept warm in her soul. A place she longed to invite him into. Oh, she had waited. Now her heart pounded in her chest as He approached.

As the bride gazed at her husband a sudden movement caught her eye. Her enemy, the serpent lunged at her in his final attempt to prevent this moment. The bride moved with the grace of a warrior. Without drawing her sword she arched to one side striking the creature to the stone below her. Then with equal grace she raised her knee and brought her heel down on the serpents head crushing it to splinters.

The God man draw a breath as he watched her beautiful form move as the warrior she had become. Adjusting his gaze to the dead form of the enemy, light and fire beamed from his eyes and the body of the serpent disappeared in vapor and ashes blown away by the warm breath of the Spirit around them.

The angel warriors moved in rank and formed a circle around the Hero and His Bride. The Bride lowered her eyes before her Hero, her Redeemer. The God man reached out His hands toward her, hoping, with a faith as great as knowing, that she would choose Him. The Brides heart took flight and she ran to Him. Leaping into his arms. Her form wrapped around Him, arms, legs, lips. The fire in her heart burned white to match his. He took her face in both of his hands and stared into her eyes, a deep stare. He saw her… He knew her… And at the knowing… the two became One.

The promise was fulfilled.

The Father rejoiced!!! The Spirit Sang! All Creation Celebrated at the marriage feast of the Lamb.

The God Man. The Lion of Judah. The Word of God.

Jesus The King!


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