The Fire

It didn’t roar it glowed. It didn’t burn it warmed. And danced. And spread joy to the faces of all the friends gathered round. The world outside the circle had vanished into darkness hours before. And at its fading all cares faded with it. All now was within the circle. Joy, smiles, singing, laughing, caring. Hearts full. No one knew what time it was because time had stopped. There was only now. No one wanted to leave because it was cold behind them, outside the circle.

Slowly the light faded. The quiet grew. Thoughts deepened. Hearts felt.

But the cry went out “add some more”. And the light leapt and danced again. Faces brightened and the music rose. Time after time the joy was rekindled. Until hearts were full. Love was refreshed and souls were restored.

In the fullness of joy husbands held hands with their wives. They gathered their children knowing that they could go on. New hopes where born as glances across the flames from young faces were met with smiles and bright eyes.

And friends headed home. Safe. Full. New. Whole.

So two were left with one heart as warm as the fading embers. Together they turned but weren’t cold for there was still a glow, warming their souls...from the inside.

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