Killing Offense

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Sometime in 2013, I gave up to God my right to take an offense. After all, with what Jesus suffered for my freedom, how could I possibly carry one against someone else?

It has not been without great challenges to my commitment. However, I have truly found the reality that the Word of God is Living and True. He washes it away when we give it to Him.

I left a conversation with a friend/coworker livid with anger and indignation. Not so much because of the topic, but because of the way it was handled relationally. How could they ignore the elephant in the room? How could they pass their issue off on me and say it would be “good for me”? How could they...?

I stopped.

We don’t fight against flesh and blood, but against powers of darkness. But what was I to do? These emotions were raging, indignation rampant, hurt and betrayal seething. I knew it was beyond my own power to change what was in me and what I was feeling, it was too strong. And I knew I could not continue in success and victory carrying all this.

So I came home, sat at the dining room table, and opened the Bible; The Living Word, not just a book. Since Jesus has taken my burdens and given me His, I wanted to make the exchange and I said, “Lord, I’m going to sit here for as long as it takes for you to take this away from me. I don’t want all these negative feelings, and I don’t want Satan to destroy this unity of friendship through me.”. Psalms sat before me and I just read one after another, declaring the greatness of God. I had no idea if it would take 2 minutes or two days, but I have settled that He is faithful to His word, and so I read on waiting for the exchange.

About twenty minutes later something beautiful happened. Not a physical wind but yet just as real and tangible blew through the room over and through me. Instantly, all the anger, hurt, frustration and more, was gone. Mind you, this was not just a “cooling off” period. One moment it was there in full force, the next, swept away by the wind of Holy Spirit, it was gone.

If you belong to Him, you are not in this alone. We don’t have that book just to read over and over. It is real, living, tangible. Settle it, live it, and you will see the tangible power and presence of God move in your life.

And what happened to the friendship? The next day I saw my friend again. And with a clear heart and mind, we sat down and had another conversation; relationship restored, unity preserved. God wins.

It has been the most freeing experience I've ever known and has kept my hearing of His voice, and understanding His character from being muddied. After all, you can’t hear His voice with a hardened heart.

He gave everything up so that He could take all the junk for you and mold you into His likeness. He rules a Kingdom of righteousness, peace, and JOY.

If you are struggling with this, ask Jesus to take over. Psalms is a great place to start, or pick your favorite book. Read it asking Jesus to take away the offense, the hurt, or anything else the enemy is trying to saddle you with. I promise you, if you will stay there, believing, HE WILL DO IT!

Have you experienced Him in this way before? Or are you currently struggling with hurt and offense? Share in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

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