Let Heaven and Nature Sing!

Piles of greens sitting in an old rustic wooden box. Sprigs of holly with berries red. Grapevine roped for use. Pine cones awaiting in a long ago used barrel. Time to make wreaths!

Mike explained how to create a base and add a splash of something to say. Each plant has its own unique texture and color and says something. And the way you put them together begins to speak to your very thoughtfully created uniqueness.

Each person engaged in the process of pulling from within an expression of themselves, a creation. Some greens here, this one with berries, this one with long drooped boughs, that one with tiny seed cones, how about one with some yellow? Who knew there were so many variations of evergreens!

Then on to decorations; holly, some pine cones, or maybe some ornamental grass. Piece by piece, bunch by bunch wreaths began to take shape, each more and more an expression of its creator. As the blank spaces closed and the wreaths took shape, the added decorations put just in place, each wreath was completed with their own expression of ribbon.

After the final touches participants admired the others’ uses of all the same materials in different ways and learned a little about each other in the process. And each one wound up with a beautifully created unique and classy work of art which spoke amazingly to the gifts hidden within.

Do you make make your own decorations? What do you like to use best? We’d love to hear about it!

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