Is There Even a Glass?

Have you ever heard the expression "seeing the glass half empty or half full"? I've heard it dozens of times. I'm going to be honest, if left to my own vision, I tend to initially see a glass half empty. I want to fill that thing! I was a fixer. Why would anyone stand there with their glass half empty when it could be full? So to me, I always saw what was missing and could be improved upon and it left a critical and judgmental attitude at times.

God made it all, so I take it as wisdom to ask Him what's up when I think about things. He gives wisdom generously. I began to tell Him how I saw these things, but I was pretty sure that was not how He saw them. So I asked Him to show me how He saw people, situations, events. As is usual, He again told me that His world and Kingdom is generally not a "this or that" type of thing. See, we tend to like to make two choices with one being right and one being wrong, and then we argue over which it is. So very often He has told me that I'm asking the wrong question. Can you imagine if you asked a teacher what 2 + 2 was, and they answered "purple"? Sometimes that is how I have felt asking God questions! It really does transform your mind and how you think. It shifts from our limited thinking on our own, to the viewpoint of the Designer and Creator of it all.

So what does that "glass" look like in His view? It's not half full OR half empty, it is overflowing! But in actuality, it isn't a glass at all! Remember when a prophet's widow asked Elisha to help her? Creditors were coming to take away her boys as slaves and she had nothing. Elisha told her to bring as many jars as she could find. Not only did she bring her own, she brought every one that anyone would give to her. God only stopped pouring out that oil when the jars ran out! THAT is how He sees it!

What God will pour out, is only limited by our ability to believe and contain it. These are often called limiting beliefs. That family had all the oil they needed to pay their debts and live off of what was left. That is not how we think of solving challenges, but it IS one of the ways God thinks. Don't limit what God has for you. If we focus on what is there in our lives, or even what is missing, we could very well miss what He has ready to pour out. Now, I'm not saying that taking a personal or family inventory isn't worth it occasionally, but it isn't where our focus needs to stay. It is not our job to constantly point out the lack in others, either. So how do we help? We keep our eyes and theirs focused on the Foundation of Wisdom, God Himself. It may not be the answer we expect, but it will be an answer uniquely designed for the situation.

How has God surprised you in answering your questions? I'd love to hear about it!

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