Harvest Time

Barn restoration for the coming move of God


Sometimes you just can't deny "coincidence"

So much had already happened to confirm that we were on the right track. This was years of dreams for a farm of our own, but this time God's plan was at the front of it. The first time we walked onto this property, I saw it. God showed me people, all over. He said that although this farm would bless us, it wasn't specifically for us but for His workers. These are those who have been diligently working for Him and have been a bit beat up in the process. These people would come here for restoration and new direction, new direction to restore the foundations of their lives and be prepared to steward a very great move of God. The property and barn would then be used to steward the same move, we were to restore this place for His Kingdom. A work still in progress, the property had come a long way with many hands. It was time to focus on the barn which needed so much work. Follow our "Projects" page to see how you can be a part.

Upstairs in the barn, ready for restoration for use as a worship center.
The Upper Room

I began to feel an urgency to put an organizational structure to what I had been hearing for nearly three years. Finally I waded through information and filled out the form for our non-profit, deciding on a name among other aspects of organization. The urgency was strong and I knew it had to be submitted. The form was dated 8/8/18 as I submitted it late the previous night. That morning a prophetic word was released calledThe Coming Barn Revival which, to my astonishment, proceeded to tell just that which God had been instructing us to do.

Many more confirmations have come along this journey preparing for a wave of Love beyond measure. We are humbled and excited to be on this journey and blessed to have been invited by Our Father to participate in such an amazing way. Join us as this unfolds and read Brian Francis Hume's amazing word above.

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