God, Are You There?

Authentic love does not come cheaply.

A new generation is struggling with God. Is He real? Why don’t I hear Him? If He exists, why is all this mess around me? If He is so powerful then why is … not happening?

The answer is, authentic love does not come cheaply. Give me, tell me, MAKE it better!, the cry of hearts, this is our world paradigm. And yet God remains the same.

There is no depth, no real connection, no exchange of heart in passing or impatient love. Exchange of heart is what the emptiness inside us craves, authentic. The emptiness is larger than any human being. It is why it feels like an unending abyss, because an unending love is designed to fill it. It can not be filled by self or others.

Some of us who are created for introspection will seek deeper and deeper and deeper to find it, and suddenly we may find ourselves delving into a deep darkness feeling quite alone, full of anxiety and the depressive state it leaves. He is there. But He will only fill that depth when we finally just decide to settle it. He is.

Some of us who are wired for connection to people will search and seek it in person after person, relationship after relationship. They will never be quite enough and at some point we just reach the end of what they can offer. But that will never fill what it is that we really need. It could be friend after friend, broad and wide, but inside we are never fulfilled and the more we search we may find ourselves spread out so thin that we feel like we might just vaporize into nothingness. He is there. But only when we finally just decide to settle it. He is.

The fullness of God fills the unending depth within us with the love of our Father, and satisfies us wide through the sacrifice of Jesus and His Blood through the Body of Christ and His Word; He will satisfy the depth and pull the thinness into substance when you decide that He is.

This is a satisfying and authentic Love, but there is sacrifice in a love like this. We may think that we are the ones sacrificing in our searching. But picture this intense unending depth of Love, waiting patiently for the willful return of that love back to the One who created them for the sole/soul purpose of receiving an outpouring of Love that has No End, a Love that poured out blood in order to protect the loved. This is a Love that, when connected to, completes the one seeking it in a fullness beyond measure or explanation.

Fact is, God is willing to allow the mess we make in our seeking, for the reward of our love.

Authentic Love is not cheap.

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

Jeremiah 29:13

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